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“Only the body is capable of making visible the invisible. The spiritual & divine.”

- TOB: 19:4

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Burned by NFP

Nobody told me how hard natural family planning (NFP) would be. Nobody told me how hard marriage would be. No one told me how hard fatherhood would be. At least I don’t remember anyone giving me full disclosure twenty plus years ago. Then again, I probably wasn’t listening. I was too much in love...

The Greatest Romance

THEOLOGY OF THE BODY I: A HEAD AND HEART IMMERSION OCTOBER 4 - 9, 2015 | QUARRYVILLE, PA It's your final opportunity in 2015 to experience a Head and Heart immersion course! Pope Saint John Paul II's Theology of the Body is so much more than a teaching on sex and marriage. What divine mysteries...

When a Man Loves a Woman

by Christopher West What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? Are there distinctions or differences? Are they merely biological concepts? Can they be manipulated and conditioned? Can we alter, recreate or refashion our bodies however we want? Is our sexual identity as male and...

Detox from Do-Do

by Christopher West This article originally appeared on June 25, 2015, on . I just noticed in typing the above title that there’s a double meaning here. I meant it first as a statement about the toxic nature of our Western production-oriented-always-doing (“do-do”) mentality. But it’...